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How To Assemble Your Italian Charm Bracelet
(right column) 


For the first timer the charm bracelet may be challenging to put together. It is a simple process and once you get the first charm on the bracelet, things will go quickly. The procedure for putting charms on is the same as the process for removing them. The photos below show a bracelet which already has charms on it and new charms being added, the concept is the same for starter bracelets.

The charms link together using a loop on the back of the starter bracelet which hooks up to the opening on the charm. Notice that in order to put the new charm on you must expand the starter link outward and press down with your thumb to keep it in place. If it is your first time you may find it easier to use a tool of some type, a nail file or strong object to hold open the link while putting on the charm, another set of hands is sometimes helpful as well.

The left side of the charm will have an opening to link to. The charms are tiny and the opening is small, look carefully, it is a slot only a few millimeters wide.


Holding the link open by using pressure from your thumb, slide the charm onto the end from the bottom up. Tilting it at an angle may help to align the links to make it easier to slide onto the starter.

The instructions and photos below may help you in assembling the new bracelet.

Removing Charm Links


Hold the bracelet securely: Using the left hand, hold the bracelet in the palm of your hand. Your index finger and thumb should be free.



Secure the other side of the bracelet using your right hand, pull the bracelet outward to expand the links



Both hands should be horizontal when pulling outward.




Using your left hand press down into the charm area to keep bracelet expanded. If you are making a first time starter bracelet, you will need to use the last link on the right side of the bracelet as a starting point.


Notice that the back of each link has a loop on which to put the charms, and that you can hook them on or off at that area. Now, using your right hand, slide the charm on the right side over also.


Different angle showing looped back and charm sliding over.




Using your right hand, push the right link toward the bottom to remove it from the link. It will slide downward and then off the link.





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